Rust Release® quickly removed the rust and we were able to salvage all of our carbon-tubing inventory. Ryerson was able to store carbon-tubing in bulk quantities, eliminated the concerns of rust or pitting.

…When we tracked our piece-counts and total tubing footage, Ryerson saved roughly $92,000 dollars in inventory annually.

— Michael Flores, General Foreman
Lapham-Hickey Steel
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We have used hot dip acid/lye tanks to clean [our machine parts] previously. The Rust Release® was by far the best solution. We don’t have to take them to our local machinist friend to have them dipped in his tank, we can do it in a plastic bucket overnight, the solution is safe to handle and dispose of and best of all the Rust Release® works fantastically.

I doubt you will find anyone who has rust as deep and thick as we do. The marring on the surface is caused by the rust itself and the prior acid dipping. I am amazed at Rust Release® and its ability to safely remove rust so well.

— Randall Locke, Molding Shop Manager
Parkinson’s Building Materials

I used Rust Release® on my square pipes. We were using solvent and the job was very difficult. After 15 minutes, the pipes were clean. It really does the job.

— Keith Johnson
Inland Tube

I soaked my entire engine in Rust Release®. It removed 100% of the rust. The pistons would not move before I used your product. My car frame is next.

— Ken Kaspazyk
Detroit, MI

I had tools that were 20 years old. The tools did not open and therefore would not work. I soaked the tools for two hours in Rust Release® and my tools not only work but look new. I was so impressed with your product. Thank you.

— John Dolan
Johnstown, PA

I recently used Rust Release® on my kitchen knives and it got the rust off in no time at all. I really like the product. It has no odor and it is not messy at all.

— Marta V.
Schaumburg, IL

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