Rust Release 5 Gallon Pail

Dip, Spray, or Apply

There are three methods for using Rust Release® to remove rust off of steel tubing, pipes, and various other metals:

1. Dip your items into our tank or any container with the Rust Release®, soak, and let dry.

2. On light surface rust, spray your metal items using the Rust Release®.

3. Apply the SuperGel® on your metal by brushing and wiping the solution until the rust comes off.

Rust Release® is made in an ISO 9001 certified factory and has been tested in all kinds of industrial settings for cost effective, fast, and environmentally-friendly rust removal. Hundreds of satisfied companies are using Rust Release® for their rust removal operations. See why Rust Release® is the perfect solution for your company.

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly removes corrosion from all metals

  • Removes rust fast

  • Easy to use

  • No mixing

  • Non flammable

  • Will not harm paint

  • No acids or VOCs

  • Biodegradable

Safe and Effective on All Surfaces

rust remover before and after

Can’t dip your product?

Rust Release® comes in a Gel Form for non-dipping. Just brush it on, leave it, and wipe off the rust!

“Rust Release® quickly removed the rust and we were able to salvage all of our carbon-tubing inventory. Ryerson was able to store carbon-tubing in bulk quantities, eliminated the concerns of rust or pitting. …When we tracked our piece-counts and total tubing footage, Ryerson saved roughly $92,000 dollars in inventory annually.”

— Michael Flores

General Foreman Lapham-Hickey Steel

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Dipping Tank Offer

rust remover tank
We can custom build a dipping tank for quick rust removal on small or large scale.

Rust Release®

rust remover case
Rust Release® is the industry-standard rust remover. It eliminates the need for sandblasting and/or pickling.

Rust Release | The Industrial Safe Rust Remover is the number one environmentally friendly rust remover in the world. Rust removal is a time consuming process but not with our non-toxic Rust Release rust remover. Our product that has been developed for industrial settings, Rust Release rust remover is a non-acid/volatile organic compound (VOC) product that is guaranteed to eliminate even the most severe rust quickly without brushing or scrubbing the item. It is very simple to use, anyone can restore their rusted metals, tubes, tools, automotive parts, and various other items to their original condition. Rust Release does not harm steel, copper, iron, brass, or aluminum. As a matter of fact, dipping unrusted metals in Rust Release rust remover prevents rust from before it happens. Even better, Rust Release rust remover is safe to use. It is organic, biodegradable, contains no acids, non-toxic, nonflammable, and a pH of 5.5. Rust Release is also easily disposable.  Rust Release is the safe metal restorer that is practically harmless on one’s skin. Just dip, spray, or apply and reuse. Let Rust Release | The Industrial Safe Rust Remover, work for you without having to put any effort to clean the rust off manually. Rust Release has the capability of being used multiple times for many items. 1 gallon of Rust Release can derust up to 325 pounds of metal.  Rust Release is a non-hazardous product to dispose of. When the bath of Rust Release turns completely black, that is the sign that is has been used up. Rust Release is offered in gallons, cases, 5 gallon pails, drums, and totes for both home and industrial customers. Check out our online store or Google Shopping for our products and pricing. Find us on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, to see what our home users and industrial accounts have removed rust with Rust Release!