October Special:
Free 50′ Dip Tank

We have a 50′ FREE dip tank available now.
Call now for details at (773) 262-8888.

Dipping Tank Offer

Fluid Environmental Services, Inc, makers of Rust Release® will custom build a tank for you. Every customer is unique with their tank size requirements. Clean your rusty tubes with non-hazardous Rust Release® The tubes you thought were scrap will look like new!

Non-hazardous Rust Release® is saving our customers a lot of time and money. You can start cleaning for as little as 2.9 cents per pound in-house. Cut out costs by eliminating the need to ship your steel and having it processed.

We will build you a 7-gauge dipping tank. The tank is mounted and finished in black lacquer. We will start constructing the tank immediately on receipt of your purchase order for Rust Release®.

The tank will be completed in two to three weeks. There are no plumbing or electrical requirements for our tank. It will be ready to use the same day it is delivered.

Please feel free to call me at (773) 262-8888 or email me at Paul@FluidEnvironmental.com.
I am looking forward to answering all of your questions and solving your rust problems.

– Paul Mattar
Signed, Paul Mattar
President, Fluid Environmental Services, Inc.

Free Dipping Tanks photos

Free Dipping Tanks photos

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