How to Use Rust Release Rust Remover

Rust Release® rust remover is used through dipping. You can use any container. If your company doesn’t have a container, you can get one free of charge (see our Free Dipping Tank Offer). Step 1: Place your metal into the container filled with enough Rust Release® to cover all rusted areas. Step 2: Leave the metal to soak for 20 minutes in the rust remover (or more, depending on the level of rust). Step 3: Remove the derusted metal and allow to dry. It is now ready to be shipped. Yes, it’s that easy!

Rust Remover - Three easy steps to derust your objects! Dip it in for 20 minutes, remove, and dry

Frequently Asked Rust Remover Questions

What if I can’t dip my product?

Rust Release® also comes in a Gel form so that you can paint it on and remove the rust! Please visit the Rust Release Super Gel website to learn more.

How do I know when Rust Release® is used up?

The bath will turn completely black and will not perform.

Do parts have to be clean before using Rust Release®?

No, Rust Release® penetrates the dirt and oils. However, grease and dirt will decrease the life of the solution, so we recommended you clean heavy grease and oil deposits prior to dipping.

How long does Rust Release® last?

This depends on how rusty the metal is, but one gallon can derust up to 325 pounds of steel.

Will Rust Release® harm my paint?

No, it only removes rust.

How can I order Rust Release®?

You can click here to order, call direct to (773) 262-8888, or fax your order to (773) 262-8905.

How do I dispose of used Rust Release®?

Rust Release® is considered a non-hazardous product to dispose of. However, local laws vary, so it is recommended you call your local waste management service. Alternatively, you can call me directly at (773) 262-8888 and I will be able to help you.

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Can’t dip your product?

Rust Release® comes in a
Gel Form for non-dipping.

Just brush it on, leave it, and wipe off the rust!