Features and Benefits

Rust Release® is the safest and most effective all purpose rust removal solution. Take a look at the table below for all the reasons why Rust Release® is better than the leading acid-based rust removing competitor.

Rust Release


Acid-Based Product

Works on metal surfaces √ √
Works on non-metal surfaces √ x
Less expensive than pickling √ x
Comes in Gel Form for non-dipping √ x
We’ll build a FREE tank for you √ x
Safety & Environmental Issues
Mild, non-offensive odor √ √
Non-flammable √ √
No VOCs √ x
Completely safe on skin √ x
Easy to dispose of √ x
Environmentally-friendly product √ x
Reusable solution √ √
Won’t harm paint √ x
Won’t tarnish or pit unrusted steel √ x

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Can’t dip your product?

Rust Release® comes in a
Gel Form for non-dipping.

Just brush it on, leave it, and wipe off the rust!